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Who are we?

Quartz Matrix started a brave journey 28 years ago. In 1994 we sold the first computer through our network of partners, who are still providing input for our projects. As we have gathered experience, we have focused great efforts and resources on our own Research & Development department. This is the place where all the magic happens. Our talented colleagues and software development programmes are guiding businesses into the world of smart data.

What is QLeap?

QLeap, the IoT platform developed by Quartz Matrix, collects, connects and transforms information from various industrial sources in one unified platform, in order to have an overview of the entire ecosystem.

– Consumes just as necessary

– Takes smart decisions based on relevant data

– Acts kinder towards the environment

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What value do we bring?

The core of the QLeap platform is the IoT module which extracts data through all kinds of communication protocols. This complex pool of data is useless without specific ways of interpreting them. This is where ENEF (Energy Efficiency) and KMR (Keep the Machine Running) modules stand out to help the final user filter, understand and take validated decisions.

Who trust us?

Why choose Quartz Matrix as a provider?

28 years of experience

20+ authorisations for performing complex energy audits

Innovation and expertize in IoT and Industry 4.0

R&D departament for building customized solutions

3500+ implemented projects

End-to-end service cycle

Get in touch

Quartz Matrix

Boulevard Carol I, nr.5D, 700506

Iasi, Romania

Cosmin Vatamanu

[email protected]

(+40)736 302 322